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The Bride Stones & Wizard of Whirlaw, Todmorden


Address: The Bride Stones are above Todmorden town centre, next to the road that leads over the tops between Hebden Bridge and Burnley. The Bride Stones are where the Long Causeway becomes Kebs Road and it meets the start of Eastwood Road.

Opening times: All the time 


Admission: Free

Detail: We parked in the nearby lay-by. The walk to the rocks takes about ten minutes and so is manageable for all ages. It was a wet day when we went and quite muddy in parts, so the kids wore wellies but trainers are probably better for navigating the rocks on dry days. We didn’t find the Wizard of Whirlaw Stone but found the Bride (her Groom has previously toppled over next to her).

Wheelchair/Pram friendly: The path is not wheel friendly and care needs be taken when walking over the rock as there are some steep drops.


Additional activities: The site is a perfect place for some bouldering but keep an eye on the kids as there are some steep drops and some of the rocks are slippy from moss. We also later drove into Todmorden town centre and visited Todmorden Park (namely “Centre Vale Park”)

Parking and any fees:  There is a little mini car park opposite the start of the path to the Bride Stones on Kebs Road and there is also a lay-by on Eastwood Road at the start of another path heading to the Bride Stones.

Facilities and refreshment options: The rocks are a perfect place for a picnic in good weather. However, there are no toilets or refreshment options nearby. Instead there are a number of places to eat in Todmorden town centre.

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