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St Ives Estate Country Park

Address: St Ives Estate (Country Park), Harden, BD16 1AT

Opening times: All the time 


Admission: Free

Detail: St Ives is a country estate of nearly 500 acres. It is the former home of the Ferrand Family but is now owned by Bradford Council.

Wheelchair/Pram friendly: The path around Coppice Pond is wheelchair accessible, but the rest of the woodland paths can be steep and muddy. The top half of the play area is accessible by wheelchair, with a boardwalk next to it. There is a sensory play area with different textures to experience, leading to a wheelchair accessible see-saw. There is also a wooden ramp onto some compacted soil, leading to a sound and water play area.

Additional activities: There is a wooden adventure park with modern play equipment. If you walk on to Coppice Pond it has a duck feeding platform and lakeside walk. There is also a bird hide that runs along the south side of Coppice Pond. Alternatively, if you walk through the woods by the park, there are a number of wooden carved sculptures.

Parking and any fees: There are a number of car parks on the estate, however you may wish to use the one situated adjacent to the adventure park and toilets.

Facilities and refreshment options: The Cafe is now open 7 days a week providing drinks and snacks from 10.30 until 16.00. The toilets are free to use and are open from 9.00 until 16.00, 7 days a week. The toilets are located next to the play area.

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