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Norwood Green Waterfall

Address: Park at the side of the road on Norwood Green Hill. The postcode for the start of the walk is HX3 8QY. On the bend of Norwood Green Hill, there is an unnamed road off it, with houses either side and a public footpath sign pointing down it. This is the start of the walk.

Opening times: Open all the time.

Admission: Admission is free.

Detail: You follow the quiet unnamed side road, lined with big houses, bushes and well built walls for about five minutes until the road becomes a footpath. You will see a house on your left with a big wooden gate before this happens. Once on the path you just follow it. It is fairly narrow and straight so you can’t go wrong. Eventually you will hit a gap in a wall which leads you into a field that slopes down to the left. There were cows in the field but they didn’t bother us as we walked past. Once in the field, you walk sloping down to the left and head into some woods. Once in the woods follow the path to the right and as you get deeper into the wood, you’ll start to see the waterfall peeking through the trees to the left of you. You can then take a path sloping down to the left, which then bends back on itself and takes you to the top of the waterfall. We had a very cautious paddle at the top of the waterfall and we also walked a bit further along the path to try and get down to the bottom but the path was very worn away from rainfall and so we didn’t manage to get all the way down. The path is likely to be better in drier conditions. 

Wheelchair/Pram friendly: The path isn’t wheel friendly or toddler friendly, as there are a lot of tree roots to trip over and there’s a drop to the left when walking down to the waterfall but it’s a fairly short walk and so easily managed in this respect.

Additional Activities: There is a children's playground in Norwood Green that you can visit afterwards. It is on Rookes Lane (HX3 8PU).

Parking and any fees: On road parking at the start of the walk is free. 

Facilities: There are no toilets but there are two pubs in Norwood Green that you can call on for refreshments. 

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