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Norland Moor Circular


Address:  Shaw Lane, Norland HX6 3RW

Opening times: All the time.


Admission: Free

Detail: There is a circular walk but you need to be careful not to go off track. Start on the path from the car park and when you reach the first split in the track take the left hand side path. A little bit along the track, the path splits again - do not take the path heading left but instead continue on ahead. If you keep walking, you eventually reach another split in the path, what has a path ahead with a wall to the left and then a path heading right - take the path to the right and follow this until you reach a white stone marker. Take in the views from the stone marker and if you walk a bit further ahead there is a Cragg to stand on for more views but mind the drop below. From the white stone marker we took a path right and if you stick to this path it takes you all the way back to the car park. The circular is around 3.5 miles. I would advise the walk for ages four years and up for the whole route and I would allow yourself sround three hours to complete the walk​


Wheelchair/Pram friendly: The path is not wheel friendly but is a reasonably good path to follow.

Additional activities: There is a playground net to the car park, to entertain the kids before and after the walk. There are also a number of bilberry and blackberry bushes along the route, so if you do the walk in summer, remember to bring some sandwich boxes to collect berries.

Parking and any fees: The start of the walk is from the car park situated behind Norland playground. You can access the car park by a little lane, to the left of the park, off Shaw Lane. Parking is free.

Facilities and refreshment options: There are no toilets or refreshments on site but there are pubs serving food nearby, such as the Moorcock and the Hobbit.  

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