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Lumb Hole Falls

Address: Use the post code HX7 8RG, which will take you out of Hebden Bridge, on the road to Keighley. You will turn off just after Pecket Well and reach a small layby for no more the four cars. The path is then signposted from this location. 


Opening times: Open all the time. 

Detail: The path down to the falls is made of cobbles and can be slippy when wet, so wear suitable footwear. It is quite a steep descent that comes out above the the falls and there is a sharp drop down. This makes it unsuitable for young children. The walk down to the falls takes about 20 minutes. In Summer it is a pleasant spot for paddling and in the wetter months, the falls are in full force. There is a path that leads from the falls to Hardcastle Crags (approx 5-6km) and thereafter into Hebden Bridge. 

Wheelchair/Pram friendly: The path is not wheel friendly and is unsuitable for young children due to its steepness. It is also slippy during wetter months.

Parking and any fees: There is free parking in a layby for around four cars at the start. You would need to arrive very early in order to get a space. The road is very narrow and so parking on the road is strongly advised against. Alternatively you could park at Hardcastle Crags for £5 and do the longer walk to the falls.

Facilities and refreshment options:  Refreshments and toilets are available at either Gibson Mill at Hardcastle Crags or Hebden Bridge town centre. There are no facilities along the steep walk down to the falls. 

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