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Harold Park

Address: Park Road, Low Moor, Bradford, BD12. Harold Park can be accessed from Park Road or Cemetery Road. 

Opening times: All the time.

Admission: Free

Detail: Harold Park is named after Harold Gawthorne Hardy, who was was a member of the Hardy family, who founded the successful Low Moor Ironworks. He died at just 32, in 1881 and had been involved in the formation of the park before his death. The local Harold Club was also built by his father in memory of him. The park itself was formally opened to the public in 1885. 

Wheelchair/Pram friendly: There are pram/wheelchair accessible footpaths throughout the park, including one encircling the lake. 

Additional activities: There are two lakes and the larger lake in the south has a circular path around it. There is also a fenced off children's play area and a cable ride, trim trail, climbing net and climbing wall. In addition, visitors can enjoy the sensory garden, filled with flowers of different scents, textures and colours. Harold Park is also the only park in the District with its own dam, where it is possible to fish (subject to obtaining a fishing permit).

Parking and any fees: There is a small car park close to the entrance on Park Road. Parking is free.

Facilities and refreshment options: There are no toilets or food facilities in Harold Park but amenities can be found in Bradford Centre.

Events link: The Friends of Harold Park organise a number of events throughout the year. Information about their events can be found on their facebook page at

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