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Hardcastle Crags

Address: Hollin Hall, Crimsworth Dean, Hebden Bridge (Use HX7 7AA for Midgehole car park, HX7 7AZ for Clough Hole car park (Clough Hole not accessible to pushchairs) and look out for National Trust sign.)

Opening times: The Crags are open to visitors at any time. The Weaving Shed and Cafe open weekends from 11am until 3pm. during colder months and every day until 4pm during warmer months. Please check website for confirmation.


Admission: Admission is free once you have paid for parking.

Detail: Hardcastle Crags has over 160 hectares of woodland, ravines, streams and meadows to explore. It also houses Gibson Mill, which was one of the first mills built in the Industrial Revolution, in around 1800. The Mill was driven by a water wheel and produced cotton until about 1890. Thereafter it was used as an “entertainment emporium” for locals but fell into disuse after the Second World War. It was later acquired by the National Trust and has since been renovated to demonstrate renewable and sustainable energy sources. The Mill and adjacent Weaving Shed Cafe are approximately one mile from Midgehole Car Park. 

Wheelchair/Pram friendly: The main estate road between Midgehole car park and Gibson Mill is accessible. The remaining paths are not wheel friendly.

Additional activities: Gibson Mill houses the Visitors’ Centre, which offers family friendly exhibits on the history of the Valley over the last 200 years. There are therefore lots of opportunities for children to explore the exhibits and dress up. The Visitors Centre can also offer assistance on planning your walk around the Crags. Numerous family events are also organised at the Mill during the school holidays - see the events link for up-to-date information. 

Parking and any fees: The car-parks on Midgehole Road and at Clough Hole, on Widdop Road, are pay and display. Parking is free for National Trust members.

Facilities: The Weaving Shed Café is adjacent to Gibson Mill and includes a shop. Toilet facilities (including baby changing facilities) can also be found at Gibson Mill.


Walk link: See map link.



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