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Goit Stock Falls, Bingley

Address: Start at Hallas Lane (Post Code BD13 5BU) but do not park on the Lane, as there is clamping in operation. 

Opening times: All the time.

Admission: Free

Detail: Goit Stock is one of the very few waterfalls located in West Yorkshire. The waterfall is approximately 5 metres in length and is preceded by a smaller one.  It is less than 1 km to the falls from Hallas Lane.


Follow Hallas Lane downhill for approximately 500 metres, cross the bridge and once over the water, follow the steep track down to the left, which follows the side of the water. Follow this path carefully for approximately another 250 metres to the falls.

Wheelchair/Pram friendly: The path is not wheel friendly and is also tricky to navigate with small children, due to lots of tree trunks across the path and a drop down to the water, so take extra care.​

Parking and any fees: Find free on street parking close to (but not on) Hallas Lane.

Facilities and refreshment options:  There are no toilets or refreshment options on this walk.  

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