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Digley Reservoir

Address: Digley Royd Lane, Holme HD9 2QD

Getting there: TBC


Opening times: TBC

Distance: Visitors can take the short walk just around the reservoir (which takes about an hour) or try the five mile walk along lanes, fields and over open moorland.

Wheelchair/Pram friendly: Although the path around the reservoir is in good condition, there are steps at a couple of points around the route which makes it unsuitable for pushchairs and wheelchair users.

Additional activities: N/A

Parking and any fees: There are two free car parks at the reservoir, Digley Quarry car park to the north of the reservoir, off Digley Royd Lane, and a second to the south across the dam wall. 

Facilities and refreshment options: There is a picnic area next to the quarry car park but no toilets. 

Website link: N/A

Walk link: For the 5 mile walk see

Map link:

Events link: N/A

Credit for recommendation to: Kendal McNaught

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