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Cow & Calf, Ilkley

Address: Ilkley Moor, Ilkley, LS29 9RF

Opening times: All the time.

Admission: Free. 

Detail: The Cow and Calf can be found on Ilkley Moor and is a large rock formation, consisting of an outcrop and boulder. The rocks are called the Cow and Calf because one is large, with the smaller one sitting close to it.

According to local legend, the Calf was split from the Cow when the Giant "Rombald" was fleeing his wife and stamped on the rock as he leapt across the valley. 

There is now a good clear path that leads up to the rocks and the walk up takes no time at all. Once at the top, the kids can spend some time clambering over the rocks. However, be careful of some large drops here and there. 

Wheelchair/Pram friendly: Although there is a good clear path to the rocks, it is not wheel friendly. 

Additional activities: There are some ancient drawings nearby which are of added interest. The site is also a short distance from Ilkley Park, which has a cafe and large playing field. 

Parking and any fees: There is a car park at the start of the path, which is free. There are also lay-bys at the side of the road where you can park for free.   

Facilities and refreshment options: There is a hut at the bottom of the path, by the car park, serving hot drinks and ice creams and it has undercover outdoor seating. There are also toilets next door. There is also Cow and Calf Pub and Hotel across the road, which has a large beer garden.

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