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Clevedon via the Coastal Path

Address: Start on Ladye Bay Road (BS21 7BU)

Getting there: TBC

Opening times: N/A

Distance:  The walk is roughly 3-3.5km in length and is a flat walk along a clear path. If you follow the path to your right, it leads to a small secluded pebble beach. If you follow the path left, it will take you along the coastal path. The coastal path come out onto a road next to the old pier. If you then follow the pavement along the sea wall, you will reach the beach and a play area.  

Wheelchair/Pram friendly: Yes.

Additional activities: You can enter the Old Pier for an entrance fee. There is also a play area and the beach at the end of the walk.  

Parking and any fees: Park in the small lay-by car park on Ladye Bay Road. (on the left as you drive down). The coastal path is signposted a couple of minutes walk away on your left.   

Facilities and refreshment options: Toilets and cafes etc. can be found in Clevedon at the end of the walk. 

Website link: N/A

Walk link: N/A

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Events link: N/A

Credit for recommendation to: Rhea Wilkey

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