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Chellow Dean

Address: Chellow Dean Reservoir, Bradford, BD9 6AU


Opening times: All the time.

Admission: Free.


Detail: From the car park on Haworth Road, you walk firstly along a path through a lovely wood and then can either do a circular just around the larger reservoir or continue and walk around the lower reservoir as well. I’m including a link below that details a walk encompassing both reservoirs. The path around the upper reservoir was about 1.5 miles and the walk around the smaller reservoir adds around another half a mile. The walk is lovely and peaceful and in really lovely surroundings.


Wheelchair/Pram friendly: The path around the upper reservoir is a bit too rough for a pram but the path around the lower reservoir is accessible from Allerton Road. It is also a shorter walk.


Parking and any fees: There is a f​ree car park on Haworth Road by the junction with Stony Lane.


Facilities and refreshment options:  There are no toilets along the path, or picnic benches, or options of refreshments. We instead stopped at the nearby petrol station on Haworth Road to get petrol and visit the toilet.

Website link:

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