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A Shared Passion for the Outdoors

Hi my name is Sarah and I have two children called Daniel and Isla. As a mum of two small, active, children, finding interesting and healthy things to do each weekend and during school holidays that don't cost a small fortune has proved hard. My children really love the freedom of being outdoors and I have spent hours scouring books and websites trying to find new and interesting outdoor adventures. After really struggling one weekend to find something fresh to do, I decided to set up a Facebook group to allow parents to share ideas. This website is a result of that group and all the helpful recommendations made by like-minded parents. It remains a work in progress but I hope you find it useful as a starting point for finding new adventures in your area.

If you would like to work with me in respect of upcoming events, reviewing your venue/products or sponsored posts and competitions please get in touch using the contact page or by contacting me direct on my email or mobile.

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