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Aberporth Circular Walk

Address: Park up at the Headland Place car park in Aberporth near the beach.

Getting there: See

Opening times: N/A

Distance:  You start at Headland Place car park, near the beach and then follow the road that curves upwards around the beach. Once you reach the top, next to the coastline, you bear left onto the coastal path. The coastal path runs for 1km. If you want to do the circular walk, you can later take a path, to the right, that runs along the start of a caravan park and takes you into the caravan park. From there you can exit the caravan park onto a road, which if you head right, leads back into town. You finish by taking a further road to the right, which will take you past some houses and back down to the beach.  

Wheelchair/Pram friendly: Yes.

Additional activities: Aberporth apparently has the highest sightings of dolphins in the UK, so keep a look out!  

Parking and any fees: There is a small fee for the car park.    

Facilities and refreshment options: Toilets are situated in the car park. There are a number of places to eat in Aberporth, in particular a cafe on the hill side that overlooks the beach. There are also wheelchair friendly picnic benches on the coastal path. 

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